Picflick Update

Here’s an update to ‘picflick’ the Picasa-to-Flickr uploader for Linux.

The changes are mainly simplification and documentation. I had found that my picflick setup broke when I upgraded my Ubuntu version over the holidays, and the previous setup wasn’t showing me why. The new version runs everything in a terminal and skips all the other pointless notification methods (libnotify, text-to-speech and beeping!!) What was I thinking?

Get it at picflick.

2 replies on “Picflick Update”

Thank you so much for making a script to allow flickr uploads from linux picasa!
Unfortunately, I’m having a slight problem and was hoping you could guide me through fixing it.
When running the script, I get the following error “xterm: Can’t execvp picflick: No such file or directory”
The files picflick and picflick_starter are located in my drive_c root directory within picasa’s config folders, and the picflick.pbz is in the buttons directory.
I have enabled debug, but am not sure where to find the log file – let me know and I can locate it if it will be of help.

Thanks for your help!

@Neil: thanks a lot for reporting this bug. It was a $PATH issue – picflick_starter was not finding the picflick script, but on my system that wasn’t obvious because I had picflick elsewhere in my $PATH. I have fixed this now in version 1.2, so try that out.

Debugging was half-assed as well. Now it should debug to ~/.piflick.log. Do you have rxvt installed? That makes the upload happen in a terminal window so you can see progress (or change the $TERMINAL variable in picflick_starter to ‘gnome-terminal -e’ or similar.

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