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picflick: Picasa To Flickr Export on Linux

I’ve adapted the pragmatic-looking picasa2flickr Picasa plugin to work in Picasa 3 on Linux. Instead of feeding the Picasa files to a graphical Flickr uploader, it uploads them automatically using a perl utility called ‘flickr_upload’. Hopefully one or two people will find this useful.

Find it at picflick.

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Awesome! I’ve been trying to get a good, reliable solution for uploading images to Flickr on Linux for some time now.

I’ve tried the native solutions, and they just aren’t as polished, or they handle saving original copies of edited images in a way I don’t like.

I’ll give this a try fairly soon. I gotta get my old ebuild for installing picasa 3 on my gentoo box dusted off, then I’ll let you know how it goes.

You’re my hero. I keep hoping and dreaming that F-Spot development would accelerate, but it is just not there yet. Being a devout flickr fan I just couldn’t switch to Picassa until something like this existed. Thanks!

This should be great – just what I need.

But after I use it, and get a message telling me it has uploaded the image(s), I can find nothing on my flickr website.

Is there a step I missed out? I don’t recall telling it anything abourt my flickr account.

You need to authorize flickr_upload with your account. ‘flickr_upload –auth’ should start the authorization process. If I recall correctly, I had to copy the URL it was trying into my browser in order to get the Flickr auth page to load.

See ‘man flickr_upload’ for more help.

Also, the trackback above that adapted this method to use kflickr is a more sensible and resilient method in my opinion. I will switch to this method when the Flickr uploadr app is working well on Linux.

whoa! this is what I was looking for: workflow for posting photos on flickr can be gruesome – picasa was a real improvement and now this! thanks.

I had problem with flickr_upload module though: it didn’t want to upload without authentification token. so, I have edited the “flickr_upload” section of the “picflick” file to include –auth_token option with the token I got back from “flickr_upload –auth” and then did make install. now it works.

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