Picflick Update

Here’s Picflick v1.3.
Here’s Picflick v1.3.1.

Here’s Picflick v1.3.2.

Here’s Picflick v1.3.3.

New feature: much simplified single-script setup, getting rid of the picflick_starter wrapper script. The button now calls the picflick script which re-launches itself in a terminal window so you can see the progress. Much easier to understand and configure.

Bug fixes:

  1. The “make install” step failed when the Picasa buttons directory did not already exist. Now fixed. (As reported by Jeff Bloemink).
  2. Only use ‘urxvt’, if available, not rxvt since the latter does not have the  -hold option (thanks again to Jeff Bloemink).
  3. Fixed typo in xterm command line (thanks to “Dr AKULAvitch”)
  4. Fixed bug when using AUTH_TOKEN in picflick script instead of ~/.flickrrc (thanks to Mathieu).

Thanks for the bug reports guys. Keep ’em coming.

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6 replies on “Picflick Update”

Thanks a lot for useful plugin.

I’ve found one mistake in the script picflick.
Line #53 must be like this:
TERMINAL=”xterm -geometry 120 -hold -e”

You missed “-” in “-e”.

I’ve had a bug report that the flickr_upload auth token only works if it’s in ~/.flickrrc, not if you set it in picflick.

I will look into that.

Sheesh, I love it! I’ve been looking for something like this that will keep all the tags…thank you much! I’ve adjusted the script so that it doesn’t do any resizing; I like to upload at full res. You may consider adding that in as an option.

Thanks for the job.

It could be more esay to install and config, but with some determination, it works very well :)

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