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Undistract v0.2

I have posted a version 0.2 of my attention monitoring software “Undistract”. This release features the following changes:

  • Uses libnotify instead of xosd, which looks a lot better in GNOME
    at least and should work fine cross-desktop.

  • The most drastic action is now to minimize the distracting window
    rather than change virtual desktops, which was quite specific to my
    desktop usage. I have tried to manage the focus with this change too,
    so that the user doesn’t inadvertently send key presses to a different

  • Uses GTK event loop which makes monitoring a lot more efficient.

  • More sophisticated usage of libwnck to determine which windows are
    active at whether they belong to a distracting application.

  • Simplified some of the code and tried to de-jargonize the config file.

You can download it at