Slug USB Audio

I use a Linksys NSLU2 (slug) network attached storage device on my home network. The device is great, primarily because it is low power and runs full-fledged Debian GNU/Linux which makes it extremely versatile. I use mine as

  • File server – runs Samba, serves up music, videos and photos to home network
  • Print server – allows wired and wireless PC/Mac/Linux computers to print to the laser printer
  • Backup Server – makes automatic rsync backups of my website
  • Music Server – serves up MP3s from a web interface to play on other computers
  • Music Jukebox – has web interface to play songs through the stereo, using a USB Audio device

All this, and for less than 25W — 14W for the slug, which has no moving parts, and 5W each for 2x320GB USB hard drives.

Update: Tenx chipset USB adapters suck! See the end of the post for more details.
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Bash Output Redirection

I know that doing this:

foo 2>err.log > log

will capture the output to stderr and stdout.

I was just trying to redirect ALL the output to a single file. I thought this would work:

foo 2>&1 > log

But for some reason the stderr stuff was still being output to the console.

Luckily the top result in Google led me straight to the answer: To send all output to a file, use &>

foo &> log